Book Reviews

"Dear Mr. Smith,

I just completed reading 'The Great Withdrawal.' EXCELLENT! Once I started,
I could barely put it down. Right off the bat, I appreciated your dedication.
It was interesting to learn why Michigan became a Muslim haven - something
I have wondered about for years. "

"I like the layout of your book - no wasted words. Fact after fact after fact presented
in a easy-read fashion, the way it's broken down into chapters, sub-chapters and
brief paragraphs, lending to easy reading and enjoyable humor."

"We are starved for non-politically-correct truth and eat it up as though starving.
Keep on keeping on. God bless you and those you love."

-Deb J.
P.S. I am passing this book on to as many people as possible!

"I received your fascinating book yesterday and have not been able
to set it down.
I have read much of the history of the Progressives and now, at 94
years of age, I have lived to witness the fruits of that system.

"To give you an idea of my background. I was born in Arkansas in 1919 and lived
through the Great Depression. I volunteered for military service 7 months before
Pearl, served in the Army Air Corp, went to the Middle East, Help Monty and the
British 8th Army across North Africa, flying B-25 Mitchells. After the war I went
back to school and became an Electrical Engineer.

"I have read much of the history of Progressives including Teddy Roosevelt and
Woodrow Wilson, did not like it then, and I don't like it now. Now I find myself
in a country in which God only knows how it will end.

"From what I have read of your book, it seems like you have a good knowledge
of what Progressives are all about. From where I set, it looks like this Once
Great Country will have a very difficult next 50 years. I don't believe I have
that much time left. We have had 3 & 1/2 generations without American History
being taught in our schools, that is not a good base to build on."

-Maurice C.
P.S. Keep up the Good Work.

"I normally live life by my Five G's - God, Gold, Guns, Grub and Ground.
They've gotten me through my life feeling very safe and protected. After I read Craig
and Lowell's book, I have another 'G' that I will count on. "Great Withdrawal" Your
book has shown me how the United States has allowed Progressive thinking manifest into
today's economic mess - and even suggests ways to protect myself and family. This is
one of the most important books I have ever read!"

-Tom & JanetLynne S.

“Craig Smith and Lowell Ponte have done it again! The Great Withdrawal is another
book of slashing insight, cutting through the kudzu of Progressive thought control
to reveal the oldest truth: Freedom works.”

-ROGER HEDGECOCK, Host, Roger Hedgecock Show

"Feel like your pockets have holes in them? In 520 B.C. the prophet Haggai provided
the first 'inflation' definition on record: "Your wages disappear as though you put
them in pockets filled with holes." In The Great Withdrawal Craig and Lowell
teach us how to stitch up our financial holes - before it's too late!"

-RAY LUCIA, Host, Ray Lucia Show

"News Flash: We never left the 2008 Great Recession. The American economy is already devastated by debt bigger than our $16 Trillion annual national income! In five short years have undergone the 'fundamental transformation' into a European-style Welfare State. Within these pages you will discover key economic solutions to our century-long detour from the free market- small government our Founders brilliantly established.'

-PAT BOONE, Entertainer, Author